About Us

What is Sacred Ceremonies?

Sacred Ceremonies is a unique collaboration of several clergy who saw a growing need to assist couples with personalized wedding and holy union ceremonies. Many couples of mixed religious backgrounds and those without a religious home have sought priests, ministers, or rabbis to perform their ceremonies only to be turned away. These couples often arrive at our doors feeling a need for a ceremony which expresses their personal beliefs. In our years of working with couples, we have found that those who seek our help are couples who look beyond a particular liturgy and who want their service to speak to their deepest hopes and dreams for their future. 

Who are we?

We at Sacred Ceremonies are seminary trained clergy who are ministers in good standing with our faith traditions. We come from Baptist, Unitarian Universalist, and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) traditions. We have performed ceremonies with Roman Catholic and Episcopal clergy as well as rabbis and other religious professionals. We have experience helping develop meaningful ceremonies for couples from Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Native American, and secular backgrounds.

Creating your unique experience.

After having conducted many weddings, we have a sense of how the various parts of a ceremony best fit together, and we are happy to help you compose and structure your ceremony.

The ministers accept responsibility for weddings on a rotating basis. When you reach out to Sacred Ceremonies, you are assigned a minister. If you have a problem with the assigned minister, you may request the next minister on the rotation or, if the minister realizes a problem (such as scheduling), we will make arrangements for you to be reassigned.